Garden Railroad

ago, when I retired, the folks at work bought me a model train engine. Now the back garden is full of trains. They have me going up into the hills looking for rocks. They have me spending my money on track and switches. They have me trying to explain why a grown man is playing with trains. And I enjoy it too!

I am in the process of restoring an old house. It takes a lot of my time. In the Summer I go into the National Forest (with a permit) and cut firewood. That is better than a health spa, but it takes time too. When all the work is caught up I spend time running and improving the train.

The Denver & Rio Grande made the town of Salida. The old narrow gage Main Line ran about 100 yards from my house. The train in the back yard is therefore a Denver & Rio Grande RR train.

General Palmer made the D&RG almost as a hobby. He didn't think it would take up that much of his time. At least that's what he told his fiancÚ, Queen, before they were married. I wonder if he had her going after rocks?

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Here is a small passenger train on top of Marshall Pass. The engine is an LGB that I got with a kit of track and a transformer. It was an inexpensive way to get going since it came with things I needed. Of course I had to repaint the German engine to put it on the Denver and Rio Grande. Marshall Pass is where the Main Line crossed the Continental Divide.


Almost to the bottom of the grade now and going past the Zucchini and Tomatoes. Below, on another track, there is a small siding and a shack at a work site. A truck is delivering supplies to be loaded on a flat car for delivery to the Madonna Mine up at Monarch.


West of the Pass now and on the way to Gunnison our train passes the Apple Ranch near Pitkin. The rancher has a good size apple on the cart behind the old John Deer. One of the Holsteins and her calf have taken an interest in his activities. My back door neighbor, Leonard, made the log cabin. It is similar to the one he and his family once lived in out in South Park.


Almost back in Salida now, the little train passes above the water tower at the end of the yard.

I have three engines and quite a few cars. The trains can run in the winter too. Sometimes when there is snow it takes two engines double heading to buck the drifts.


I ment to put an AVI on here allowing you to take a ride on my train (with my camera) but the file was just too big to post on the website. Sorry! If you are really interested in taking the ride you can email me and try to talk me into sending you a disk with two trips on it. One starting East and the other going the other direction. It cost a disk and a mailer and a couple bucks to mail so you should maybe think of sending me a few bucks for me to do it.

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